As a coach I use two powerful tools:

  1. Identify (Questioning)/Understand – If you want to bring some change in your life but you feel you can’t, you are just stuck, it means you have internal barriers that are holding you back. And identifying what those are and resolving them is really the core work of growth and change. Because if you don’t understand yourself, if you do not have self-awareness, you can’t change anything coz you don’t know what you should be changing. But once you have that awareness of what’s going on inside of you, you can bring the change and live an uncompromised life.
  2. Resolve/Change- Just having an understanding about the things will not necessarily bring the change. Learning the specific skills & techniques and using them consistently will bring the self-awareness and the change. This will teach you how to think differently, feel differently, behave differently — and transform your life from the inside out. It teaches you the practical, concrete skills you need to become the happy, resilient, confident person you want to be.

  • Make Optimum use of the resources shared.
  • Repetition is the best practice to get most out of the training materials shared.
  • Complete all the assignments & worksheets on time
  • Take follow up action on all that arises out of coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions shall be conducted as per the Schedule. Each session will be of 60 minutes. All sessions will be done over Skype (Audio)/Phone or webinars That means coaching is accessible to you, irrespective of wherever you are in the world.

My Coaching programs are for designed for 8-12 weeks to bring in the desired change in the clients.

For individual one to one coaching session; we need to work together for at least 4 to 12 (spread over 4-12 weeks) sessions for you to make and see significant progress. After that you have the option of renewing the arrangement or even stop if you feel you don’t need further coaching support.

Coaching is a process, and not a one-time event. Change itself is a process. I have rarely seen people change dramatically overnight. Very often, the biggest of breakthroughs happen for a client not IN the coaching session but BETWEEN any two coaching sessions.

You first get a complimentary (exploratory) coaching session for FREE. This session helps me assess your coaching needs and your Coaching fees.

Payment is to be made 100% in advance. This is a standard payment norm in the coaching industry globally and it works well for coaches and clients. It’s simple; the advance payment naturally binds clients into the coaching engagement till the end, brings in more seriousness into their use of the coaching process and keeps them focused on what’s most important to them.

Payments can be made via Bank transfer or paypal account.

In coaching, clients are accountable (to themselves) for the results. A coach is accountable to making the coaching process work. However if you do exactly what the program says, results are guaranteed.


In such cases please ensure to inform me as early in advance as possible (at least 48 hours before the session) unless of course it’s an emergency. However, I discourage rescheduling coaching sessions too frequently, because it breaks the rhythm of the process.

If you are ready to take charge of your life, and are open to exploring how transformational coaching can help you do so, the next step is to sign up for a 30 minutes FREE  Session with me. This session will help you decide which Coaching program you would want to go ahead with me.


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