Some of the moments in our life we tend to feel absolutely worst whether it’s a student, business owner, employee or a professional is when we face competition or even worst when our competition is doing better than us. Admitting to feeling insecure is very tough..!

But Friends, Competitors will always exist; it’s the nature of the world we live in..!

Let’s change our perspective of looking at it;

Firstly, “Competition is NOT BAD”, in fact that’s the main reason for innovation across the time and the Globe. Competition forces you to give better than the best. Having that one challenger pushes you to run faster, work harder and deliver better. In addition, there’s so much to learn from each success and failure of your competition.

Secondly, IGNORE the competition. Competition can be a really great driver for success but the line can blur very quickly. Do not get obsessed or paranoid about your competition. It is extremely unhealthy and greatest injustice one can do to self. Become obsessive turns your vision short term. So make yourself aware but know when it’s important to ignore the Competition. Spend your energies on building yourself better and be a leader. It’s ok to take a slower step but emerge as a much Stronger and a bigger player… “Sometimes it’s ok to lose a battle to win a war”

Thirdly, Compete only with YOURSELF. Don’t get caught up in trying to outperform someone else instead use yourself as the benchmark. Think long and hard about what you want to achieve and how to get there, then compete with yourself and push yourself harder to go further. Once you get into the mind-set of competing only yourself you become a lot less emotionally invested in your competitor’s performance. You will be able to engage with it on a logical level. And this is where one should be.

Lastly, DON’T play dirty. Whatever you do but don’t get dirty. Competing businesses cannot only exist but thrive in a community. Hence do not stoop your l evel down. Always remember, Rising above pays you back in leaps and bounds. So ensure you have your business values firmly in place and in the end you will always emerge as a “WINNER’.

So don’t second guess yourself about starting or continuing the part of what you want to do just because there is a Competition. JUST DO IT…now you know the rules of the game!!