My approach to change is simple, practical and effective. It’s through proven & tested use of the latest tools and techniques/technologies resulted from studies in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, EFT and several life coaching and change management models. This scientific yet holistic approach has become the new standard for creating sustainable change.

I only work with people who are fully ready and committed to making changes in their lives.  Your commitment to want to change combined with my expertise in coaching, will get you to that next level you want to be at.

My clients work with me because they’re ready to get to the next level.  They’re ready to step out of their comfort zone and see results.

I am committed to seeing my clients succeed in seeing the results they want.  I serve to be an exceptionally supportive coach and will believe in you even when you don’t fully believe in yourself.

Also I have a very honest approach when it comes to coaching and this is also embedded within my personality. When used in coaching, I find that honesty is a powerful tool.  I don’t like to sugar-coat things, and this style of coaching may not be for everyone.

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