FOCUSING seems to be a lost skill in today’s world which constantly feeds us with lot of distractions emails, phone calls, whats app, twitter etc…Here are some HATS for you to follow and win the game…BE RELENTLESS!!

Make a TO DO list and stick to it This will serve as a reminder to the actions to be taken during the day and helps in time management too.

Multitasking is good but over-rated in today’s times, so prioritize the tasks on the list as per the need of the day and do one task at a time – Remember, you cannot give your best if your attention and energies are disbursed. It’s important key to increase productivity.

Complete everything you start, do not abandon it halfway – This helps you staying clear minded with no pile on of unfinished tasks.

Take short frequent breaks This recharges your brain capacity and rebuilds your energy levels.